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Dedouanement Credit

The customs clearance credit is a credit that facilitates the import of goods for SMEs by financing up to 100% of customs fees within 72 hours.
Unallocated credit
For a period of up to 60 days
Amount up to $ 50,000

What are the eligibility criteria for Dédouanement Credit?


To facilitate the importation of your goods, opt for the Customs Clearance Credit and take note of the eligibility criteria:

  • Have at least one year of business relationship with Rawbank
  • At least three years of existence of the activity
  • Have all the legal documents (Rccm, Id Nat, Tax number, notarized status)

What are the characteristics of Dédouanement Credit?


If you opt for a customs clearance credit, you can benefit from a credit:

  • Up to 50,000 USD;
  • With a monthly interest rate of 2.5%
  • For a period of up to 60 days

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