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Solution for merchants who wish to receive secure online payments.

Payment Gateway Services (PGS) is a payment gateway or web interface (secure e-commerce solution), allowing a customer to make payments for goods and services offered by the merchant online, using their Visa or Mastercard.

What are the conditions of eligibility for the PGS service?

To be eligible for the PGS solution, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a merchant;
  • Have a company account with Rawbank;
  • Have a certified and secured website;
  • Have obtained the validation of your account manager.

How to access the platform?

The bank provides merchants with an administration portal, the elements necessary to access it are

  • A url to manage your merchant account;
  • A username and a password to access the platform.

What about the pricing of the service?

The fees inherent to the subscription are the following:

  1. Setup fee : proposé aux clients pour la offered to customers for the implementation of the portal, including agent training, login, access to the admin portal, website certification for merchants who do not have one.
  2.  Maintenance Fee: applicable to maintain the site including claims handling and security*.

*Rawbank holds insurance covering all risks related to online transactions.

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