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Maximus Titanius Card

Intended for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Maximus Titanium Card allows you to meet occasional cash flow needs and make the necessary purchases for your company.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Maximus Titanium Card?


To obtain the Maximus Card, you must:

  • Have a continuous business relationship with Rawbank for at least one year
  • Have at least three years of operation in the market
  • Have a clean account (no dispute with the bank)

What are the benefits of the Maximus Titanium Card?


The advantages of the Maximus Titanium Card are the following:

  • It does not require any provision
  • It is usable everywhere in the world
  • It allows you to benefit from a travel insurance
  • It gives access to a web portal to consult your balance
  • A monthly statement is generated with your transaction history
  • It is contactless, allowing you to make your payments with a simple movement on the terminal without inserting the card

How is the Maximus Titanium Card limit determined?


The amount allocated will be based on one of the following two analysis criteria*:

  • 10% of the monthly average of your Rawbank account credit transactions over the last six months
  • 10,000 USD maximum

* The amount allocated will be the lesser of these two criteria.

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