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Visa Lady’s First

The VISA LADY'S FIRST Card is an international debit card linked to the current account in USD, which allows Lady's First members to make cash withdrawals, payments, and cash advances in complete security. This card is used in the DRC and internationally through the Visa network.
Debit card
It can be used in the DRC and abroad (VISA networ)
The cost of the card is 100 USD

What are the characteristics of a VISA LADY'S FIRST?


The characteristics of this card are the following:

  • It is a debit card
  • It is linked to a current account
  • It can be used in the DRC and abroad (VISA networ)
  • The cost of the card is 100 USD
  • The annual fee of the card: 100 USD
  • The new PIN fee: 10 USD
  • It is valid for three year
  • Elle accepte les opérations de retrait au distributeur automatique des billets (DAB), le paiement ainsi que l’avance des fonds sur le terminal de paiement électronique (TPE).

Why use a Lady's First VISA Card?


Available to Lady's First, it not only allows you to withdraw funds, but also offers a range of advantages, such as

  • Free balance inquiry at the Rawbank ATM 
  • No payment fees on the electronic payment terminal of the international VISA network
  • “TRAVELIA” Travel insurance 
  • It has an added value attached to it: through the Visa Direct service receive money anywhere in the world with your Visa Card to your account by providing your PAN number (16-digit card number)

Utilisation de la Visa Lady’s First

Nbr transaction / jour Limite transaction / jour Nbr transaction / sem. Limite transaction / sem.
DAB 10 2 000 50  5 000
TPE 20 4 500 50 10 000
TPE (Cash Advance) 3 2 000 5 4 000
TPE (Contactless) 10 100 30 300



*Hors taxe sur la valeur ajoutée 

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