The Payment Order Integration System is a secure platform for customers with an ERP or a compatible system that serves as a customer interface.

SIOP allows you to manage and automate your transactions directly from your ERP, without any intervention from the bank.

SIOP is particularly adapted to large companies wishing to connect their internal systems directly to those of Rawbank to initiate payment orders and other financial transactions.

What are the benefits of SIOP?


SIOP offers the following benefits:

  • Save time: you will no longer have to enter your invoices manually or report them in your payment software or ERP
  • Automation of your payment chain: for efficient processing of payments to suppliers, employees, etc.

What are the functionalities of the SIOP service?

The main functionalities of SIOP are:

  • Intra Rawbank transfers
  • Domestic transfers (only in foreign currency)
  • Foreign transfers
  • Standing orders
  • Withdrawals
  • Deferred transfers, wires, and withdrawals
  • Transaction status after receipt and after processing
  • Return message because of rejection

The subscription fee is $2,500/month for a one-year renewable term.