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Academia Package

The customized package to move towards success.
an account (current and savings)
Academia Contactless Visa

The customized package to move towards success.

Consisting of products and services adapted for young people between the ages of 13 and 25, the Academia Package allows you to secure your future with complete peace of mind.

The Academia Package consists of:

  • an account (current and savings) with no account management fees
  • An Academia Contactless Visa card to manage your money independently anywhere in the world
  • two digital remote banking solutions: : SMS Alert and illicocash

As well as becoming a current account and savings account holder, take further advantage of the Academia Package by benefiting from:

  • An Academia Visa contactless card
  • Access to the illicocash application through the account
  • Zero account management fees
  • An annual interest rate of 4%

You are young and free. Academia is committed to being transparent, safe, innovative, and above all closer to you.

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