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Open an account

Registration form for the application to open a bank account

Fill in the following fields to send your account application

Conditions for opening accounts for natural and legal persons

For the Congolese

  1. Original and valid identification: voter's card, passport, stamped certificate of loss or driver's license.
  2. Two color passport photos

In the case of a minor, ask in addition :

  1. Certificate and/or birth card for the minor of age ;
  2. Judgment appointing the guardian ;judgment appointing the guardian ;
  3. Adoption judgment (for an adopted child).

For foreigners

  •  For a resident account :
  1. Valid passport ;
  2. Two color passport photos
  3. A proof of residence
  4. Work or settlement visa (minimum 6 months).
  • For a non-resident account :
  1. Identity document (passport or identity card) certified by the city hall or the embassy;
  2. Two color passport photos
  3. Proof of address in the country of residence (electricity bill, water bill, ...) ;
  4. Certificate of good banking standing from the country of residence

Information to be verified by the bank

  1. Source of funds and account management for minors
  2. Signed GERD
  3. Forms FATCA and PPE / W8-BEN for non-residents
  4. Entry grid
  5. Verification of client signatures
  6. Manager's comments
  7. Signature of the manager
  8. Signature of the account opening clerk
  9. Edit customer & account details (delta)
  10. Signature of designated executive for verification of edited client details
  11. Valid ID and contact information for any third party agents
  12. date of birth
  13. Place of birth
  14. Type and number of identity documents
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