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Visa Direct Service

No more long, laborious money transfers! With Visa Direct you can receive money directly to your bank account, just by communicating to the sender the PAN number (the 16-digit card number) of your Rawbank VISA card.
Receive money
Perform the operations
Save time

What are the benefits of Visa Direct?


By providing your name and Visa card number, you can take advantage of this service in several ways.

The benefits of the Visa Direct card are:

  • Receive money quickly into your account with no repatriation fees* and make transactions directly through your card
  • Save time by just providing your PAN number, instead of the multi-digit account number (branch/account/key)
  • The sender can perform the transaction without having to go to a branch

How does Visa Direct service work?


Easy, secure, and convenient to use in just a few steps:

  • Provide your Rawbank VISA card PAN number to the sender
  • Upon receiving the card number or PAN number, the sender uses his bank's platforms that integrate VISA Direct (ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking)
  • He/she specifies the amount he/she wishes to transfer to you
  • This amount will then be credited directly to the account to which your Rawbank Visa card is linked

What are the transaction limits of the service?


The overall limit set by Visa for all transactions to a card is as follows:

  • Limit per transaction: 1,000 USD
  • Limit per day: 2,500 USD
  • Limit per week: 5,000 USD
  • Limit per month: 10,000 USD


* Except for RSC (income tracked exchange, which is 2/1000, or 0.002) required by the BCC.

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