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Mastercard Traveler’s

Mastercard Traveler's is an international prepaid card in USD that allows you to make cash withdrawals, payments, and cash advances in complete security. The card is used in the DRC and internationally.
Prepaid card
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Paiement à l'international

What are the characteristics of the Mastercard Traveler's?


The characteristics of the Mastercard Traveler's are the following:

  • International payment card
  • Usable in DRC and internationally
  • Annual fee: 75 USD (excluding VAT)*
  • Validity period: one year
  • Allows cash withdrawals from ATMs and payments as well as cash advances on the electronic payment terminal (TPE)
  • Consult the cards' limits by clicking on this link.


What are the benefits of the Mastercard Traveler's?


Mastercard Traveler's not only allows you to withdraw funds, it also offers a range of benefits such as:


* Excludes value added tax

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