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Alert Banking

With ALERT BANKING, you receive alerts in real time, by e-mail or SMS, for each transaction on your account (debit or credit).
Debit / credit movement alert
Copy SWIFT message
Daily account statement

You will also benefit from the automatic e-mailing of copies of your SWIFT messages and daily account statements.

What are the advantages of the Alert Banking service?


With Alert Banking you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Convenience: real-time synchronization of information
  • Security: helps fight against fraud with real-time alerts for all transactions
  • Adaptability: quick correction of operations in case of error

What are the functionalities of the Alert Banking service?


The functionalities of the Alert Banking service are as follows:

  • Alert in case of debit/credit transaction (SMS and email)
  • Copy of the SWIFT message generated during a SWIFT transaction (email only)
  • Daily account statement (email only)

Apart from the daily account statement, which is sent by email only, the service charges are as follows:

  • SWIFT messages: Free
  • SMS Alert: 1.75 USD per month
  • Email Alert: 1.5 USD per month
  • Alert Pack (SMS and email): 2.75 USD per month


Allô is the interactive server allowing customers to check their balance through SMS, email or through the Alert Pack.

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